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Horoscope of Yudhistra and Duryodhana


As per Vyasa Mahabharatha, Yudhistra born as Sagittarius ascendant, Scorpion Moon sign. In Yudhistra's birth chart, Moon gone to 12th house, also become debilitated leading to his weak mind. That's why Yudhistra become confused by Shakuni's treacherous dice game plan and lost everything.

Usually native of weak Moon gets attracted to another native of strong Moon to get good moral, mental, and psychological support. Here also Yudhistra always respected Lord Krishna who born as Taurus ascendant and Taurus Moon sign and he received a good moral support from Krishna. Only during dice game, absence of Krishna made Yudhistra become cheated by enemies.

Weaker Moon Yudhistra is also addicted to Dice game. As he is not expert like Shakuni, he lost everything. But even after 13 years of exile, he never decided to show his back to dice game, but instead, he become expert in dice game with the help of a teacher. That's why Duryodhana and Shakuni never invited him for dice game after his exile.

Bheema and Duryodhana born as Leo Moon sign. Usually Leo people are dominant and wanted to rule others. They never like being ruled by others. As Bheema surrendered himself to Yudhistra, he never tried for kingship. But Duryodhana thinks that kingship is his birth right and wanted to destroy Pandavas to become King of Hasthinapur. Duryodhana also considers Bheema as his opponent. So that Duryodhana poisoned him initially and also consider him as Chief Commander of Pandava's Army even though Drishtathyumna is the actual Cheif.

Arjuna born in Uthra Phalguni star. Whether he is Leo Moon Sign or Virgo Moon Sign is not given in Mahabharatha. As he married many princess and excelled in many arts, he could be more probably Virgo Moon Sign, not Leo. Nakul and Sahadev born in Aswini Star, Aries Moon Sign. As all of these people born in Mars ruled or Sun ruled stars or in Moon sign, they all became good soldiers.

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