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Starting from Vakya Panchang

Sri Krishna Astrology is the Vedic Astrologer providing personalised Astrology services like chart reading, and birth chart generation with vast information about a birth chart. We provide consulting with detailed information about a chart such as general characteristics of the native, income and wealth generation ability, business and partnership related information, career aspects and the success in life.

Our consultation is not from a pool of astrologer like other platform. These consultations and articles of our Blog are solely written by our renowned astrologer Ganesa Moorthi.A with his vast reading knowledge and the experience through his meditation. He acquired his basic astrological knowledge from his father and sculptured himself for higher knowledge through various books, gurus and through meditation.

Sri Krishna Astrology concentrates only on several astrological services including Birth Chart Writing, Birth Chart Analysis, Star and Horoscope Matching, Career, Love, Income related aspects, and Success in life. It also recommends only Poojas, Prayers for Dosha Nivaran which does not include any Gemstone or Yantra. It does not concentrates on Numerology, Vastu, and other forms of prediction. Regarding pachang which is like the data book used by astrologers, we use only Vakya Panchang which is formulated by ancient texts of our Rishis and we don't recommend Drik Panchang which is based on scientific calculations.

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