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Daily, Monthly Predictions - By Lagna and by Moon Sign


We all check our daily horoscope with respect our Moon sign but not depends upon our Lagna or Ascendant. Ascendant is so important in our Birthchart as same as Moon Sign. But many people who check their daily predictions also don't know about their Lagna because it is somewhat technical.

Moon sign is about where the planet Moon is during the time of birth, but the Lagna is where the Sun is around the Earth at the time of birth. Mathematically, the space around the earth is divided into 12 parts and assigned 12 house names.

It is better to check our daily predictions according to Lagna as we check with respect to Rashi.

For example, if a person belongs to Scorpion ascendant and Taurus Moon sign, in the last three years from 2017 to 2020 during Saturn transits in Sagittarius, he could have experienced so much struggles and obstacles in financial life such as earning money, accumulating wealth. It is because, as the Saturn transits through his 8th house from Rashi, and transits through 2nd house from Lagna.

8th house transits could have given Ashtama Shani effects for Taurus Moon sign, and 2nd house tranit Saturn for the Scorpion Ascendant could have given problem in financial life.

Similarly for person with Aries Moonsign and Pisces Ascendant, the period from 2017 to 2020 would have much benefits and improvement in career along with much hardwork and challanges. The native would have much interest in spirituality also. For an Aries moon sign, Saturn is the lord of 10th and 11th mostly giving positive results. Transit of Saturn in his 9th from Moon is beneficial for him. Similarly, As the Pisces ascendant, Saturn is transiting in 10th house, is also beneficial.

For daily, monthly, and all kinds of transit predictions, we can use this method. If a person have both kind of transit predictions good, then the overall transit would be good.

For some people, Ascendant and Moon Sign are same. For those people the predictions could be more good or more bad as both Ascendant and Moon Sign falls in the same house. Rama is a Cancer ascendant and Cancer Moon Sign native, Krishna is a Taurus ascendant and Taurus Moon Sign native. They enjoyed the best in the world and crossed through worst scenario of the world.

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