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Sun in Lagna - Benefic or Malefic


Usually Sun in Lagna mostly go benefic for a male and go malefic for a female. This is because of male and female life style. Male usually go out for earning and Female take care of kids in the home.

Sun in lagna gives the native good management skills, administrative abilities, strong body, handsome appearance, good will power, ability to manage labours, victory over enemies, support from father and inheritance properties, good connection with the political people and their support.

But at the same time, these all will works good for his career and public exposure and will go negative regarding marriage, relationship with spouse. As the Sun in Lagna aspects 7th house, delay in marriage could happen. As the Sun makes the man frequently angry, it could leads to noisy house.

For an Aquarius ascendant, as the Sun becomes 7th lord, its placement in Lagna or in 7th house will give beneficial results related to career, public life and also related to marriage aspects. If Jupiter aspects the Sun in any way, then the beneficial results are sure.

If Sun placed in Lagna but debilitated for an Libra ascendant, as the Sun is not so benefic for the ascendant, mostly delivers malefic results related to public life and also related to marriage. The person could lacks in administrative abilities, or his management decisions always could go wrong. The person can't acheive his goals, can't fulfill his desires in life.

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