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Surya Dev - The Story of Sun in Astrology


According to ancient Indian Texts, Brahma created 14 Rishis from consciousness to assist him in creating lives further. Those Rishis don't have any mother, they had only father which is Lord Brahma. They are called as Manasa Putras as they were created from Brahma's mind. Those are Marichi, Athri, Aangiras, Pulastyar, Pulahar, Kratu, Vasishtar, Datcha, Brighu, Kasyapha, Prachethas, Gowthama, Prahalatha, Karthama.

Kasyapha married 13 daughters of Datcha. Along with these 13 daughters, Datcha also had some other daughters. Adhithyas and some Devas were born to Kasyapha and Adithi, while Asuras were born to Kashyapa's another wife Dithi. Similarly for Kashyapa's other wives Gandharvas, Nagas, Garudas, Kamadenu, and Apsaras were born.

Surya Dev is the one who born between Kashyapa and Adithi. Even though a person born in Supreme lineage, he has to study hard, work hard to maintain and to improve the status. Surya Dev married Sanjana, daughter of Viswakarma. They had Manu, Yama as sons and Yami as daughter. As Sanjana was unable to bear the heat of Surya Dev, she went to do severe penance. But at the same time, to act in her place and to take care of her kids, she created a duplicate Sanjana named Chaya from her Shadow.

Later, Surya Dev Chaya couples had two sons Swarnabanu, Shani and a daughter Thabathi. As per Puranas, Surya Dev is son of Kasyapha, where as Shani Dev is the son of Surya Dev.

As the Surya Dev was not taking care of her wife Chaya, Shani Dev become angry upon his father Surya Dev which leads to creation of enmity between father and son. In Astrology also, Sun and Saturn are enemy planets. For those who had Sun as ascendant lord, Saturn will not give much beneficial results. For those who had Saturn as ascendant lord, Sun will not give much beneficial results.

Most of the planets in astrology were from Devas, Rahu and Ketu were from Asuras. These planets also had Adhi Devatha. The Adhi Devatha for Sun is Lord Shiva. Sun signifies our own self, soul, father, inheritance, relationship with govt. If Sun is powerful in a chart, it will give the native good govt support, success in career, political power, will power, leadership qualities.

Sun are Saturn are not only enemies but also had opposite characters. A native with excellent Sun placement would have good physical appearane, angryness, leadership qualities, management capacity, speed, will power. But a native with excellent Saturn placement would have short or ugly physical appearance, calmness, lack in leadership qualities, hesitation, slow in everything.

It is not fair to judge one is good and the other is bad in astrology, because everybody has their own unique characteristics and everybody is important in astrology. No one can be eliminated.

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