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Results of Saturn in Lagna - Malefic or Benefic


People considers Saturn as malefic planets and many are afraid of Saturn because Saturn is mostly malefic and rarely benefic. But it is not. If Saturn is benefic for the ascendant by lordship or aspected by Jupiter and sitting in lagna, it is the very good placement for Saturn and it will give many benefic results all over the life.

When Saturn is well placed in Lagna, the native is slow and steady in everything, behaviour could be like a judge not favouring anyone as relation or a friend, only he talks after thinking a lot, black in colour, short in height. Even though he is like a judge, his words may not be like a judge. His harsh words can hurt us, wise like Jupiter but not polite like him.

As Saturn in Lagna aspects 3rd house, the native could have hesitation, lack of bravery, not attached with people because of lack of communication. Lack of bravery is not required for a person like judge.

As Saturn aspects 10th house, the native is hardworking, honest for the job, straight forward to the employer, may not be honest to the employer. As Saturn aspects 7th house, delayed in marriage, spouse could be ugly or aged or black in colour. Only if 7th lord is good in nature, married life will be good.

One cannot consider a planet as completely malefic or completely benefic because each planets has its own characteristics and significance. Their significance may be seen by us in a positive or negative way. For example, for a person wanted to enjoy all the materialistic pleasures, Ketu mahadasha will be like a curse, but for a sanniyasi like Vivekanandha, Ketu mahadasha wil be like a boon.

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