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Shani - The Story of Saturn in Astrology


Shani born to Surya Dev and his shadow wife Chaya. Even though Surya Dev is father of Shani, Shani is the avatar of Lord Mahadev. Surya is mentioned as Surya Dev, Chandra is mentioned as Chandra Dev, but we cannot mention Shani as Shani Dev because Shani is neither Dev nor Asura. He never supported either Deva or Asura blindly. That's why he is considered as Lord of Justice in Astrology.

When there were so many battles between Devas and Asuras, Shani was born to maintain a justice between them. Shani and Angaraka are the two avatars of Lord Shiva in Astrology.

In Astrology, 11th house denotes victory, profits and fulfilment of desires. Any planet sitting in 11th house, will not do any negative for the native. At the same time, 12th house denotes failures and losses. With these two points, here is a good story for Shani.

Once, Lord of Lanka, King Ravana captured all Grahas with his power and arrested them and put them all in the 11th house from Lagna during the birth of Ravana's son Meghanadha. So that, Meghanadha will be victorious always.

When all Grahas were afraid of Ravana, Shani put his one leg in the 12th house that leads to some losses and failures for Meghanadha. Shani never fails to give our credits and debits. Then Ravana become angry and breaks Shani's one leg. This is the reason, Shani moves slow comparing to all other Grahas and that slow movement is necessary for a judge.

Shani is detached from desires, relations, and all kind of materialistic pleasures. He goes slowly, black in colour, short, signifying longevity, career, people and slaves. Shani affects houses aspected by him more than the house where he sits. Even in temple, we should not pray Shani in straight opposite place.

If Shani (Saturn) is well placed in our birth chart, the native will have longevity, good job, calmness, honesty. If Saturn placed well in Lagna, no enemy can stand against him. The person will be judgemental and cruel. Aspects and events signified by Saturn will be slow in the life, but it will be strong.

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