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Vakkiyam or Thirukanitham - Two types of Panchangam


All the astrologers would have a data book called as Panchangam. This data book contains all the information about planetary transits star wise and house wise, thithi, karanam, yogam, auspicious and inauspicious timings and many more. Not only astrologers but also the people could have known about this. But many of us don't know that this book is of two types.

Before predicting future of people, astrologers has to predict and calculate the positions of Planets. That position of planets are predicted through ancient texts written by saints or through modern scientific method. Vakkiyam is the method of predicting planetary positions through ancient texts, and Thirukanitham is the method of predicting planetary positions through modern scientific method.

Vakkiyam, Thirukanitham are the two types of Panchangam and each method has its own pros and cons. Vakkiyam is as old as our astrology. So many learned, well experienced astrologers follow that method only. Most of our Hindu Temples follow their rituals and plan their planetary transits poojas only based on Vakkiya Panchangam. Thirukanitham follows modern scientific method, and most of the online astrologers and online softwares follow this method. There may be slight differences in position of planets between these two panchangam.

For fast moving planets like Venus, Mercury, and Moon these difference will be very low and for slow moving planets like Saturn, Jupiter, and Rahu these difference will be some what high. For example, Saturn transit for 2020 completed in January itself as per Thirukanitham panchangam, but as per Vakkiya Panchangam, it is going to happen only in December 2020.

There is not much softwares to predict a birth chart as per Vakkiyam method, So the astrologers has to do some mathematical work to predict a chart as per Vakkiyam method. It will be time consuming. According to my experience, Vakkiyam is better than Thirukanitham.

But What I am coming to say in this post is not limited to this.

Planetary transits and their benefic or malefic results are not like as the light comes as the switch become on. It is the slow process like sun rise and sun set. Even after the transit of a planet to a benefic house, it will take some time to give its results. It may take from days to months according to the speed of the planet. Slow planets will take months to take effect where as fast planets take some hours or days to take effect.

By the way, during the initial and last phase of planetary transits, the planetary effects will be low. But in the middle time, the planet will work with its fullest power. Upon considering these points, there is not much difference between Vakkiyam and Thirukanitham.

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