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The Most Dangerous Horoscope - Hitler and Rama


There were many dangerous leaders in the world who ruled and killed thousands and lakhs of people. The history recorded their activities, characteristics, and marked them as dangerous leaders. Apart from that many ordinary person became a serial killers because of several incidents in their life.

Can we categorize birth charts as dangerous by planetary arrangements as per Astrology.

The answer is a big No. No horoscope is like dangerous or auspicious.

Because of planetory positions and its effects, the a person could have his own characteristics and he may face very tough or very good situations in his life. But changing and handling the situations to whatever he want is in his hands only.

Even Lord Rama horoscope had so many tough combinations of planets and faced tough situations in his life, but he managed. In the Ramayana War, when Indrajit was severely oppressing Vanara Sena, Lakshmana was ready to invoke Brahmastra to destroy entire Rakshasha of Lanka.But, Rama was calm in his mind and advised Lakshmana that we have to destroy only our enemies not all. If Rama lost his cool nature like Lakshmana, he could have been identified as a person like Hitler.

There is only a hair line sized interval between becoming a most auspicious saint and a most dangerous person. That matter is what the native takes in his hand.

One old proverb says that what is inside you is most valuable than everything around you.

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