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Chandra Dev - The Story of Moon in Astrology


Chandra is born to one of the Sapta Rishi Athri and Anushuya. He married 27 daughters of Prajapathi Datcha. But Chandra was not equally in love with all of them and loved one of them Rohini more than others. When this issue is escalated to the father of them Prajapathi Datcha, he cursed Chandra to lose his 14 arts gradually day by day. Then Chandra lost all his arts as the result of Datcha's curse.

When Chandra lost all his arts, he did severe penance towards almighty Lord Shiva. After a long time, Lord Shiva gave him a resolution that as per Datcha's curse Chandra will lose his arts one by one daily and after 14 days, Chandra will gain those arts one by one daily.

By the way, deminish of 14 arts become Krishna Paksha and the growing of 14 arts of become Sukla Paksha. As Chandra love Rohini more than any other wives, he is in exalted mode in the star Rohini, rashi Rishaba.

As per Vedic Astrology, Chandra signifies our Mind and Mother. Devata of Chandra is Goddess Parvati. If Surya is considered as a King, then Chandra has to be considered as Queen. If Chandra (Moon) is powerful and beneficial in a horoscope, then the native would be psychologically strong, stubborn. If Chandra (Moon) is powerful and malefic in a horoscope, then it could make the native as adamant.

If Moon is well placed in 7th house, it will give the native beautiful wife. Some astrologers consider Sukla Paksha Moon as beneficial and Krishna paksha Moon as malefic. But it is not final.

Moon also siginifies emotions, intuition, and prolonged habits. People having same kind of taste and lifestyle could be having strong Moon in their chart. Taurus and Cancers Moon sign people are having strong Mental abilities because of exalted and own house Moon. They could also oppose changes in the life.

As the Moon become debilitated in Scorpio, if cancellation of debilitation or the aspect of Jupiter is not present, then Scorpion Moon sign people could become surrendered mentally to somebody else. They are mentally weak and they need a guidance most of the times.

Sun and Moon are the only two luminescence planets. These two are affected more by Rahu and Ketu because Rahu and Ketu denotes deep darkness. If Sun and Moon are well placed and powerful then it gives strong will power and mind control.

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