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Mars in 8th house and Venus in 4th house for Libra Ascendant


It is not a good placement for Mars and average placement for Venus.

Mars is lord of 2nd and 7th, responsible for income, speech, eyes, face, family, and life partner, business partner, friends, and many more sitting in 8th house, that enemy house makes it weak and the native may have more negative effects regarding the aspects of 7th house. But the income is not much affected as the Mars aspects 2nd house.

Lagnesh Venus is sitting in his friendly house Capricorn and also a Kendra, it becomes powerful and benefic. The power of Venus can helps the native to manage the negative effects of other planets including Mars.

If Mars placed in Mirgashirsha Nakshatra or Mars is aspected by Jupiter, then the negative effects of 8th house will become reduced. In this case, the aspects of 8th house can helps the native to shine better.

But these are all general predictions, final results will be based on Moon Sign, other planets and the running Mahadasha.

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