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Angaraka - The Story of Mars in Astrology


Angaraka or Mars is the fiery planet in Astrology. It is an avatar of Lord Mahadev. It also signifies out blood, earth, war, anger, quarrelsome, machines and revengeful attitude.

According to Puranic History, there are two different stories for Angaraka.

Once upon a time, there was an asura called Anthakasura. He did severe penance towards Lord Shiva. After a long time, Shiva appeared to give him boon.

Anthakasura asked, "If my blood is spilled by an enemy, for each drop of my blood spilled, there another Anthakasura like me should be created to fight against my enemy". Shiva gaves him the asked boon and vanished.

As the boon received is so powerful and peculiar, Anthakasura become like an immortal and started torturing everyone including Asuras and Devas. At last, everyone in the world appealed infront of Lord Shiva. Then Lord Shiva came to fight with Anthakasura.

When there was a big battle going between Anthakasura and Shiva, a fire ball fell down from Shiva's third eye and that grown instantly as a child. At that time, as Lord Shiva cuts the head of Anthakasura, the child drank all the blood came out, and no more Anthakasura was not created as per the boon. Later, the same child become Angaraka.

As per another story, Sage Bharadwaj become seduced by an Apsaras and that leads to the birth of Angaraka. Later the child was brought up by Bhumi Devi(Earth). As Angaraka was brought up by Bhumi Devi, he become the significator of Earth. Natives with strong benefic Mars in their birth chart can be successful in Real Estate and other Earth related businesses.

There are several other stories also available regarding birth of Angaraka. But the first story is more famous. Athi Devata for Mars is Lord Karthikeya. Even though Mars signifies War, he also signifies Medicine, Surgery, Police, Cooking and many fire related things.

When Mars is powerful in a birth chart, the native can excel in Medical, Surgery, Police, Real Estate, Machines, Military, and in Politics. Anger, high Sexual feelings, lack of patience could be their identity.

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