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Conjunction of many planets in a House


It is easy to decide the power, aspects of planets and about the forecasting, if planets are sitting alone in a houses. Similarly, if two planets conjunct, then it is also easy for an astrologer. If more than three planets conjunct in a house, then it is very complex to decide the strength of planets and the upcoming mahadasha results.

When more than three planets conjunct in a house, they give their complete power to the house and also the aspecting house if those planets are not afflicted and benefic for the native. Afflicted planets will not give any power and malefic planets also destroys the positive effects of benefic planets.

If more planets conjunct in 11th house, all planets will give benefic results only because it is the nature of 11th house. No planets in 11th house give negative results. 11th house signifies fulfilment of desires, achievement of goals, profits in business.

Similarly, if many planets conjunct in 12th house, it will give malefic results for the native as many planets loose their strength in 12th house. 12th house also denotes failures, losses and expenses. Being grouped there, planets increase the strength of 12th house that is not good for the native.

In general, planets give their power to where it sits and also where it aspects. When there is a planetary war, one planet may lose its complete power and the other gains the power. Similarly, when combust with Sun, all planets lose their strength totally. Yogas of planets will not work with combust planets.

If many planets conjunct in Lagna, that gives rise to will power, appearance, characteristics of the native. If majority of the planets conjunct in Lagna are benefic for the ascendant, then surely the native will be successful in any field. If many planets conjunct in 8th house, it will give longevity, interest in occult science, deep thinking, research mentality, mystical powers for the native. Osho Rajaneesh is an example for a person having strong 8th house.

If many planets conjunct in 10th house, the career house gets more energy and it could also aspects the native's 4th house. The native will have a strong career based on the planets sitting in 10th house. If 10th house is occupied by Sun, Mars, and Jupiter, then the native may excel in Politics, or in Govt Sectors. Similarly, conjunction results can vary for other houses.

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