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What if a planet is benefic as per Ascendant, but malefic from Moon Sign?


In astrology, native' s abilities and significance of all other houses are decided from the Ascendant whereas transits results are predicted from Moon sign. Both Ascendant and Moon sign are the important aspects in the birth chart.

We can also consider Moon Sign as Lagna, but only in several exceptional cases, not in all cases.

Similarly, we should not consider any planet as beneficial or malefic based on its lordships only, its placement, association, and power also important. For any Lagna, only Lagnesh is superbeneficial and Lord of Moon sign cannot be considered as Lagnesh.

For an Aries ascendant, Virgo Moonsign native, Mercury become malefic by ascendant and benefic from moon sign. We can consider this as Mars become Lagnesh, and Mercury become debuty Lagnesh.

If Mars is not powerful and weakened, Aries is not having beneficial planet and not aspected by any beneficial planet, and the 5th and 9th lords also ill placed, then we can consider Mercury as Lagnesh and go as Virgo as ascendant.

Only when an officer is on leave or not in power, his debuty can acts on behalf of him. In the same way, Lagna and Lagnesh is the most important thing. It is given more priority comparing to Moon Sign.

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