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How Venus become exalted in its enemy house Pisces?


Venus and Jupiter are considered as enemies as they are guru of Asuras and Devas in Sanatana Dharma Epics. But in astrology, We should not rely only on this point and we should go further. Astrology classifies planets as natural benefic, and functional benefic based on ascendant. Here functional character is powerful comparing to natural character.

One more thing, Venus considers Jupiter as enemy, so Jupiter is considered as weak in Venus ruled Taurus and Libra. But Jupiter does not consider Venus as enemy, so Venus works well in Jupiter ruled Sagittarius and exalted in Pisces.

Thats why Jupiter super beneficial in our astrology comparing to Venus.

Regarding the exaltation of planets, our ancient astrologers tried to teach us an excellent moral value and gives the order of exaltation of planets according to their importance in life.

According to the order, Sun denotes Soul exalted first in Kalachakra in Aries, Moon denotes Mind exalted next in Taurus, Jupiter denotes our good qualities and spirituality exalted next in Cancer. By this order, our ancestors considered Venus as the owner of materialistic pleasures and luxury. So they had given its position in the last in Kalachakra.

They teach us Soul and Mind are more important in the destiny of life, where as luxury is not so important.

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