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The Story between Brahaspati and Shukracharya


Indra Dev is the king of Devas and his preceptor is Brahaspati alias Jupiter. King of Asura may be different in different times and the preceptor is always Shukracharya.

From Devas, both Indra Dev and the preceptor Brahaspati are famous in our Puranic History, but the kings of Asuras are not famous because they are mortals. Only Shukracharya from Asura side is very famous for his energy and immortal nature. There is a big story behind these two groups, their immortal nature. There is also a reason for the enemity between Brahaspati and Shukracharya.

As per the advise of Mahavishnu, Devas and Asuras perform churning of the sacred ocean. Both Deva and Asura shared the objects coming out of ocean during that time and everybody wants to drink Amrit coming out of ocean at last to become immortal. But Mahavishnu manifested himself as an Apsaras named Mohini and fooled Asuras and distributed Amrit only to Deva.

As they drink Amrit, Devas become war monger and killed many Asuras. So, Shukracharya performed severe penance towards Lord Shiva to get Sanjivini Mantra which recovers life of dead.

Even though Indra Dev attempted to distract Shukracharya by an apsaras named Jeyanthi, he finished his penance successfully and received Sanjivini Mantra from Lord Shiva. Shiva also warned Shukracharya not to tell this mantra to anyone else to hold the power of Mantra, else the mantra will be gone to the person who hear it.

When Shukracharya tried to return Asura Lok, Jeyanthi interrupts him. As the penance completed successfully, Shukracharya spends some years with Jeyanthi. The couple also have a female kid named Devayani. Later Shukracharya returned Asura Lok with Devayani.

Devayani befriend with Asura King's daughter Sanmishta. One day, when Sanmishta insults Devayani for her desire towards Sunmishta's dresses, Asura King punishes Sanmishta and ordered her to serve Devayani in her home for some days.

So, Sanmishta become angry upon Devayani and she pushed Devayani into a well.

Meanwhile, on knowing that Sanjivini mantra was given to Shukracharya by Shiva, Indra Dev consulted with Brahaspati and send Brahaspati's son Kacha to learn Sanjivini mantra by deceiving Shukracharya as a disciple.

On way to meet Shukracharya, Kacha finds Devayani in the well and saved her. Later, Devayani fall in love with Kacha and asked him to marry her. But Kacha is only keen on his goal to learn Sanjivini mantra from Shukracharya.

Even though Shukracharya know about the goal of Kacha, he accepted him as disciple. Upon knowing Kacha's intentions, several asuras killed Kacha by cutting his head. But Shukracharya comes and saved his disciple's life using Sanjivini Mantra.

Later, asuras killed Kacha, burnt, and dissolved his ash in a river. But Shukracharya comes and saved his disciple's life using Sanjivini Mantra.

At last asuras killed Kacha, burnt and dissolved in the water that Shukracharya drank. Upon knowing this, Shukracharya to save his disciple who is currently inside his stomach, first educated Kacha about Sanjivini Mantra. As per the boon given by Lord Shiva, now Sanjivini mantra is gone in the hands of Kacha.

After learning Mantra, Kacha comes out of Shukracharya's stomach by killing him and restored his Guru Shukracharya's life by using newly learnt Sanjivini Mantra. When Kacha leaves Shukracharya, Devayani interrupts and asked him again to marry her. But Kacha refused as they now became siblings because both were born from Shukracharya.

Devayani now become disappointed and cursed Kacha to lose the Sanjivini Mantra. By the way, Sanjivini Mantra become useless for both Shukracharya and Kacha. As Brahaspati's plan wasted Shukracharya's Sanjivini Mantra, Shukracharya become furious over Brahaspati.

Both Brahaspati (Jupiter) and Shukracharya (Venus) are natural benefic planets in Astrology as they guide their respective teams perfectly in Epics. In Astrology, Jupiter represents Teachers, Priest, Guides, and other similar Advisory peoples of society. He is the most important and powerful benefic planet. Even his aspects removes negative effects of other houses and planets. Adhi Devata of Jupiter is Dakshina Moorthi, an avatar of Lord Shiva.

Venus represents mostly luxurious things and objects of pleasures. He denotes Arts, Cinema, Cosmetics, and Wealth. To live like a play boy, one should have strong Venus in his Chart. Athi Devata of Venus is Goddess Lakshmi.

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