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Why astrological predictions does not happen many times in my life?


While evaluating exam papers, teacher ranks a student only based on what he wrote in the exam paper not based on his true intelligence or brain capacity. Similarly an astrologer can predicts your character and life events based on the birth chart generated at the time of birth.

Birth chart shows your past good and bad karmas, intentions to have a lifestyle from your past life experience, factors that supports or oppose your intentions, how your relatives and friends helps you.

Majority of astrological predictions comes true for a normal person. But if a man rise above his birth chart by using any divine methods such as meditation, gnana yoga or karma yoga, for those people astrological predictions will not comes true mostly.

By the way, a person having a bad birth chart can make his life good by using his current life karmas. Similarly a person having a good birth chart could make his life bad, if he gone against his natural characteristics from the beginning of his life.

There is a story to explain about this.

Once upon a time, a man went China to do some research related to astrology and upon his return after several years, he found a foot print of a old man going alone in the forest.

From his astrological knowledge, he found that the foot print belongs to an emperor. But at the same time, a doubt arose in him that an emperor must not walk alone and also without a shoe. This induced his curiosity more.

He followed the foot prints and found Gautama Buddha sitting under a tree as a sannyasin. As he don't know about Buddha, he asked him, "Oh Sanniyasi, I predict you as an emperor from your footprints, but now it gone wrong. Now I doubt in my knowledge. Kindly tell me who are you. Whether my knowledge is trustworthy?".

Buddha replied, "Your astrological knowledge is excellent. But this type of incident will not happen in your life again. I came out of my Birth Chart. You go and lead your life as an Astrologer".

Predictions of the astrologer is accurate. If Buddha was not gone to search for the meaning of life, he could become an emperor like his father. But Buddha changed his life using his Karma. For a person like Buddha, no astrologer can be true.

Buddha like personalities can be found not only in the filed of Spirituality, but also in politics, medicine, philosophy, business and in everything. For those people astrological predictions will not work. As much as you rise above the ordinary human life, as much as you go in the path of dharma, as much as you go above normal kalchakra, you can rise above your normal birth chart.

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