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Benefic and Malefic Planets of Astrology - An Analysis


A Soul takes its rebirth as the result of its previous karma. So planetary positions, mahadasha timings are all decided by the divine or fate. Even though a parent, or an astrologer change their child's date of birth as per their wish, then that also comes under fate.

Usually people and some astrologer consider some planets are Benefic or Positive and some other planets as Malefic or Negative. But an well experienced astrologer will not consider any planet completely benefic or completely malefic, because all the planets has its own positive and negative qualities.

Moon, Jupiter, Venus are considered as Benefic. Rahu, Ketu, Saturn are considered as Malefic. When these planets sits in Kendra or Trikona in our birth chart, it will gives benefic or malefic results for the native.

For example, if Sun sits in lagna, the native will be an angry man and a dominating person who likes to rule the other. As the characteristics like anger, and domination are considered as bad, we can call Sun as negative. But the native will also have leadership qualities, will power. These qualities can be considered as positive, then we have to consider Sun as a positive or benefic planet.

Sun in Lagna gives his both positive and negative qualities to the native. Similarly Mars in 7th will delay marriage, Moon in 7th gives a beatiful wife, Ketu in 10th gives unstable career are all the example of predictions based on their positions. But these all predictions also have an opposite view and results. Similarly, general rules of astrology cannot be considered for all the charts.

A planet in a house gives his effect or characteristics to the native, and the native should try to apply the characteristics or qualities in a specific situation when required. Sun or Mars in Lagna gives anger for a native. Upon talking to a kids, the native should not be angry, but upon punishing them, the native should become angry.

But a native with Moon in Lagna, as Moon gives strong emotions to the native, can use his emotions to play with kids and also to punish them. It is not the problem of Sun or Moon, it is the problem of the native in effectively handling what he had.

We can understand one thing that no planet is completely Benefic or Malefic.

As peoples, astrologers can also be optimistic or pessimistic. An optimistic astrologer would discuss with you about major positive things in your chart, favourable mahadasha timings, and will boost your self confidence, will guide you in the area where you confused. But a pessimistic astrologer will talk about most of the negative things in your chart and will threaten you about upcoming events.

There is an old proverb. Positive thinkers invented Aircraft, while the negative thinkers invented Parachute. Which one is the most important. Some say Aircraft while some other say Parachute. But both are important.

A good astrologer should consider both positive and negative things in the horoscope. Positive thinking gives us growth while negative thinking gives us safety.

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