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Belief in Astrology and Astrologers


Many people initially believe astrology because people are interested in knowing the future. Only atheists don't belive in astrology and they considers astrologers as cheaters. But believer and non believer are same kind of people.

Osho Rajaneesh says, "If a man don't know about god, he believe in god. We never heard the phrase like believe in Sun, believe in Moon because we all know that there is a Sun and Moon. We are all completely aware of Sun and Moon. But as we don't know about god, we believe in god as it is told by our ancestors. An enlightened man never believe in god because he knows god."

Through his words, we can say that only a man who never believe in god and also not an atheist will starts searching for god. Later the man will find god and will become completely aware of god. But to find god, one should be open minded, not like a believer and not like an atheist because both were preconceived with thoughts about god and thoughts against god respectively.

It is final that it is not a matter of belief, it is beyond that.

Some people believe in astrologers to cure life problems, some other people believe in psychologists to cure life problems. Even though astrologer and psychologists don't help for the people, they become cured because of their belief.

If you believe someone or some thing, it can cure you and can make you better, whatever it may be, it will cure you.. even a stone, even a tree or even a person.

That's why athiests condemns believers, but they believe in Carl Marx, Lenin, Socialism and Communism even though these ideology failed in many countries adopted that.

It is your problem whether you believe in Astrologer or Psychologists or Athiests. But to understand completely about something, you should starts searching with your own knowledge.

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