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Astrology - A Cheating Business?


In Mathematics, 1+1=2. It is true for a primary school student and also for Albert Einstein. Similarly, in Science, Archimedes principle works in the same way for everybody. The results of scientific experiments are always fixed regardless of place, time, and the person who perform it.

There is no possibility of cheating in Science and in Mathematics unless one of the person (cheater) is very clever and the opponent is illiterate.

A Psychologist can change mind of normal person by using his brainwashing techniques and he can influence his patients by putting thoughts in sub conscious mind of patients positively or negatively. But he cannot implement the same techniques with another Psychologist.

If you don't know the trick, every one can fool you.

Once, Einstein was asked to explain theory of relativity in detail. But Einstein refused and replied, "it will be hard to understand. Currently, Only 12 members in the world can understand it completely".

In this scientific world, every body is studying about Science from school to university level. All the governments and countries welcome teaching and studying Science. But still, only 12 members in the world can understand a scientific concept.

In case of Astrology, only minimum percent of people are studying it and only selected people are able to teach it to others. Not much institutes to promote and teach Astrology. Most of our astrologers educated themselves by trial and error method.

Then how we can expect to meet an expert astrologer?

Surely, the field could have some experts and many half boiled astrologers. It is not their mistake only. It is the mistake of society. When Astrology become educated as University subject, then we can have expectations about an astrologer's qualification, license, and expertise ranking.

Regarding people, many believes that astrological solutions will cure their problems. but it is not like that. It will show you the real problems with the symptoms. It will not cure.

As the people believes astrology to cure problems, astrologers starts cheating them by telling Parihar Pooja, selling their gemstones. But when a person completely believe an astrologer and he is also having spiritual abilities, then surely these gemstones will work for him.

Here also, gemstones does not solve the problem. But the strong faith of the person solve the problem. This is about explanation of normal astrologer and normal people. If a person has some mystical power, spiritual abilities and also doing astrology service, he will not fit in my explanation.

Astrology is not a Science. Astrology is not an Art. Astrology is not a Cheating. Astrology is simply Astrology. It doesn't need to be like others.

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